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David Appalachian Crafts (Floyd Co.: David) — Out of business as of 2022


Decoration/Decorative Arts

Decorative Ironwork (see under Metal Crafts)

Decoys (see under HUNTING ACCESSORIES)

Definitions of "Crafts"   See Also: Terminology & Definitions

‘’Practices which employ manual dexterity and skill, and an understanding of traditional materials, designs and techniques to make or repair useful things." 
    (Proposed baseline definition of "heritage crafts, per "Towards a Definition of Heritage Crafts," by Hilary Jennings) 

Discussions, Essays, and Commentaries in this Encyclopedia

Displays and Sales of Kentucky Crafts

Dial, Craig (1946-2019) - craft shop director; KCHEA Craft Luminary

Di Teresa, Neil - painter; KCHEA Craft Luminary


Dougherty, Patrick (8/8/1951-10/8/2023) [educator; studio potter at Dougherty Clayworks]

Duck and Geese Calls (see under HUNTING ACCESSORIES)

DULCIMERS (see also under LUTHIERY)

DYEING (see also under FIBER CRAFTS)