• The three-or-four string "Appalachian dulcimer," "mountain dulcimer," "lap dulcimer," or "plucked" dulcimer, while not unique to Kentucky, has long been associated with the highlands/mountains in Kentucky and other Appalachian states. Cf. the historical overview online.

  • A completely different instrument, the "Hammered Dulcimer" -- a forerunner of the piano -- is not associated with Kentucky, and is often confused with the "Appalachian dulcimer" because of the accidental similarity of its name.

  • One of the most celebrated modern Kentucky plucked dulcimer builders was Winchester, KY native Homer Ledford (1927-2006), who built nearly 6000 dulcimers during his long career as a luthier. A short highlight overview of Homer Ledford's career is on Wikipedia, under "Homer Ledford."