The guitar is a fretted string instrument of the chordophone family, typically with six strings.  The sound of the guitar is produced either acoustically (from the vibrating strings and the enclosed wooden body of the instrument, or electrically, via an amplifier and speaker.  

Guitars have a long history, and exist in many cultures and in many variable forms.  See: "Guitar" in Wikipedia.

Kentucky is home to many luthiers who specialize in guitar building or repair.  They range from full-time professionals to dedicated amateurs.  

Repair and restoration of fretted instrumentsElectric guitars made from bourbon barrels by Mike MankelInlayed parts for instruments, and custom guitars and mandolins

Guitars, mandolins

     Electric Guitars and basses, built and repaired by Roy Bowen and Scott Leedy     Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Basses, built or repaired by Ryan Scott     Guitar and mandolin luthiery     Gary and Valerie Cotton build high-quality acoustic guitarsFather & Daughter luthiers of guitars, banjos, dulcimers             Guitar repairBuilders of guitars, mandolins, dulcimers