Elite / FINE / Studio Academic Crafts in Kentucky

"Elite Crafts" / "Fine Crafts" / "Studio Crafts"

Typically the world of "elite crafts" (also known as "high crafts," "artisanal crafts," "academic crafts," "fine crafts" or "studio crafts") revolves around selectivity and formal training. In Kentucky, several notable institutions which deal with evaluating and marketing craft products use a selective "jury" process to find merit among crafts practitioners.

  • Kentucky Crafted Program

  • Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen (list of Juried artists)

  • Kentucky Artisan Center

    • The Kentucky Artisan Center is a state agency in the Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The label "artisan" offers nods to both the utility-craft producers and the artists who produce much of what is on display and for sale at this key tourist stop on a major interstate, including much "pure art" or "fine art" with no other utility.

      The Kentucky Artisan Center celebrates Kentucky’s artisans through sales, exhibits and displays, events, demonstrations and information about Berea and other Kentucky destinations. The Kentucky Artisan Center is a great place to experience Kentucky hospitality and see the array of Kentucky's creative works and products.