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     For DECEMBER, 2023:

Pat's Fiber Arts Studio (<-- Click to access website)

Pat Sturtzel - Jefferson Co.: Louisville  

Pat Sturtzel uses a variety of multi-step processes to create pattern, texture, and depth on fabric.  

She creates beautiful items — quilts, fabric swatches, batik designs, tie-dye, book covers, small duffel bags and "zip-it-up" bags, and more.  Her fiber art creations often start with dyeing fabric or garments. Layers may be added through over-dyeing, use of soy wax, printing additional layers, adding stitching and the resulting fabrics are used in the creation of a variety of items.  She utilizes various sorts of sewing and quilting machines (long-arm, etc.) and often combines straight-line and swirl designs to highlight and ornament pieced fabric pieces when quilting them together

Pat Sturtzel also teaches classes on dyeing, batik, quilting, and much more...

Check out Pat's Fiber Arts at her Louisville studio: 

7618 Deer Meadow Dr. Louisville KY 40241
(502) 228-6005 

... or contact her via email at