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     For June, 2024:

Bourbon Barrel Furniture of the Bluegrass  (<-- Click to access website)

(Plowman Family - Jessamine Co.: Nicholasville)

Many Kentucky crafters make good use of reclaimed, recycled, re-used  or transformed materials.  In Kentucky, a great many craft uses have been found for oak bourbon barrels, which can only be used once for their original purpose in storing and aging freshly distilled bourbon whiskey. This KENTUCKY CRAFTS ENCYCLOPEDIA includes over ten crafters who specialize in re-using bourbon barrels!

In the "inner Bluegrass" region of central Kentucky, one outstanding exemplar of the re-use of bourbon barrels is this family-based crafting company.  The company was begun in a garage by finish carpenter Ricky Plowman; as business expanded his wife Cindy and eldest son Calip became part of the group.  

In addition to custom work, BBFBG creates a wide variety of products: bars, tables,  wall hangings,  home decor, and their special Lee Greenwood Soldier Valley Signature Collection, which is a line of similar products branded with the logo of singer Lee Greenwood and his afffiliation with Soldier Valley bourbon. 

Barrel Stave Liquor Shelf

Coffee Table

Large Pet Bed

Large Floor Shelf

Kentucky State Barrel Head

Bourbon Barrel Cabinet with Doors