Searching this site...

  1. You can explore the Kentucky Crafts Encyclopedia (KCE) using the alphabetic/encyclopedia style entries on the HOME page or the Alphabetic Letters at the top of the main pages.

  1. The INDEX offers another way to explore the site, though it refers only to major topics or subjects.

3. If you are seeking the name of a particular craft, person, place, or other entry, you can do a "global" search of the KCE website by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the menu, and then entering your search term in the box that pops up.

For instance: searching for "Alvic" will find various entries for weaver and author Philis Alvic; while a search for "Cogswell" will locate entries by Robert G. "Roby" Cogswell.

If you use the global search and land on a lengthy page of entries, use the Windows keyboard combination CNTRL-F (or COMMAND-F on Apple operating systems)— to FIND instances on that page. CNTRL+F will bring up a box where you can again enter a search term and find all the instances on that page or subpage.

4. On MAP pages showing an individual county map, click on the county map to bring up that county in the Google Map application; that will give you the opportunity to zoom in for more detail. Click on the blue underlined name of the county to bring up the Wikipedia overview of that county.

HAPPY SEARCHING! — Thomas A. Adler