Many active modern handcrafters create smallish items that may best be termed tchotchkes (originally a Yiddish term for an inexpensive but showy trinket).   A tchotchke is typically a small object displayed for its attractiveness or interest. Tchotchkes may also be called collectables, bric-a-brac, novelties, knick-knacks, curiosities, etc.  

See also:  Ornaments for Christmas and Holidays; Wreaths

This is clearly a sort of "miscellaneous" category of crafted objects.  Yet it serves to highlight the hundreds of Kentucky-based producers of varied "hand-" or "handmade" crafts.  

As of 2020 or so, a private Facebook group called Kentucky Handmade Craft Shows was created to serve the interests of 3000+ members who are principally interested in setting up their own tented booths for marketing their crafted creations at craft fairs, craft shows, bazaars, and craft festivals across the Commonwealth and even into the surrounding regions.  They share advice on craft show opportunities, staging one's products, best sorts of tents and booths, etc.

In mid-2021 they created a medallion that can be worn at shows so such crafters can find and support each other...