Ethnicity/Race/Religion/Nationality of Kentucky Crafters

The creator of this website has deliberately chosen NOT to emphasize or highlight the ethnicity, race, religion, or national origins of Kentucky crafters. Nonetheless, many links in this site lead to craftspeople with varied backgrounds. 

It seemed undesirable for this encyclopedia to formally categorize crafters by their backgrounds, so there are, for example, no specific alphabetized entries under "A" for "African" or "African-American" craftsmen, nor under "B" for "Black" or "Buddhist" crafters, "I" for "Indian, "N" for "Native American," nor for any other nationality-based crafters, e.g., no alphabetized entries at "P" for "Polish," "H" for "Hungarian" or "Hindu", "C" for "Chinese" or "Christian," "J" for "Japanese" or "Jewish," etc. 

Of course, most personal backgrounds of Kentucky crafters do correspond to the six "official" US census categores of race: White, Black, Asian, Native American/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, or "Bi- or Multi-racial."  

Still: Many Kentucky crafters come from diverse and complex racial, ethnic, religious, and nationality backgrounds.  And their racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds are often reflected in the kinds of actual products created by Kentucky craftsmen.  

Careful perusal of this KENTUCKY CRAFTS ENCYCLOPEDIA website and the individual links to crafters will reveal to users the vast diversity of Kentucky crafters' backgrounds and the things they create!

Carved cross necklace by Chicken Feather Woods. 
See under: "W"/Wood Carving/Sculpture... 

Native American flute. See video "Indigenous Peoples' Day" under "M"/Museums for the Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum...

Quilted/embroidered piece by Kim Dixon.  See under "E"/Embroidery & Needlework...